What do the verification symbols next to the emails mean?


Here's what those symbols next to the email in the Prospector Chrome extension mean:



This means that the email has been confirmed by us as a trusted and working email. We recommend that you stick to using ONLY the Verified emails in your prospecting and can not guarantee deliverability for other statuses.



Sometimes it is unclear if the email can be considered 'verified' or not. When that happens, we return the Unverified status with the ? symbol. This is to save you from a false positive and bounced email.

Best Guess


If we have a record of a successful email sent to someone else from that same company, we will put the email in that format and call it "Best Guess" and you'll see the grey circle symbol with check-mark. 



Finally, when we know the email has bounced in the past, we give it the grey X and mark it Bounced. Bounced emails will be captured to LeadIQ campaigns, but will NOT be exported to integrations such as Salesforce or Salesloft.

Edited by User (Unverified)


There will be times that you or one of your team members may need to edit or update the email address of a lead. It will update the status icon to that of a grey circle with pencil in the middle. Edited by User (Unverified) emails are saved locally and will be visible only to you and your team.


If you have any questions about verifications, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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