Scribe Admin Settings

The Scribe Admin Setting is divided into Four parts: General, Governance, Value Props, and Case Study.

Here you can make changes to the Default Settings and User Access. Let’s take a look at each one of them.


If you are a user who has set up Scribe for the first time, this section might look familiar. Here you can see your role, edit your Company Description, and manage which integrations have access to Scribe.

To access it, simply click the gear icon ⚙ on the top-right of the Scribe tab.



Maybe you might want different users to have different rights. Scribe offers enhanced governance settings for Admins so each user can have a more personalized experience.

Admins can:

  • Designate which users can influence the AI for the team based on their in-line edits to the messages.
  • Add/Revoke permissions for users to Add Value Propositions for the team (i.e., Team Value Propositions).
  • Add / Revoke permissions for users to Edit Value Prop Descriptions and save them for themselves (i.e., My Value Propositions).

By accessing this section, you will see three types of permission levels.

  • Influencer: These users will be able to influence the AI through their edits to the generated messages.
  • Create Team Value Prop: These users will have the ability to create new team-wide value props that all users will then have access to.
  • Create Own Value Prop: These users will have the ability to copy a team value prop and edit its description to create their own version of the value prop. This is saved at the individual user level only and is not visible to the rest of the team.

Simply find the user you need to make a change and check/uncheck the desired permission level as needed. Notice that by default, all users are enabled across all of these categories.


Makes sure to hit the Green SAVE button after making changes.

Value Props

Here you can view existing value propositions, create your team's value propositions or personal ones, and assign case studies to them.

Creating a New Value Preposition

Click on the Green + Add A Value Prop button, create your title and value proposition (Click here to see more instructions), assigned a Case study (If applicable), and hit SAVE.

Editing, copying, and deleting Value Proposition

You can view, edit and copy existing value propositions by clicking the midline ellipsis ****icon () and selecting the option desired.


Case Study

Similar to the Value Props sections, Here you can view existing Case Studies and create new ones.

Creating a new Case Study

Click on the Green + Add A Case Study button, create your title and description, then hit the Green SAVE button.

Editing, Deleting, or Duplicating a Case Study

You can Edit an existing case study by clicking on the Edit button. Here you can also Duplicate or Delete a case study by selecting the midline ellipsis ****icon ().


If you have any questions about LeadIQ's Scribe capability, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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