Extension and Web App Error Messages


From time to time, an error message is displayed at the time of capture on the extension or the web app. Below is a list of error messages and how to resolve them. 



You're all out of credits and would not be able to capture leads. Talk to our team to get more credits.

If you're in a team ask your admin to assign more credits. If you're a single user go to the web to upgrade. 

We detected this lead as a duplicate, so we did not export it. 

If you would still like to export this duplicate go to the web and export manually. 

Contact info suppressed. 

A prospect has reached out to us directly and requested their information to not be available in our database. You will not be able to capture this prospect. 

Network Error. We tried exporting a lead to CRM but ran into an issue when saving it. The lead may have not been saved to this service correctly.

Make sure your internet connection is stable and refresh the page to re-capture prospect. 


Web App

Your LeadIQ admin has prevented capturing prospect's name as the prospect's email status is unverified. 

Team admins have the ability to disable what email status users are able to capture. This can be found via the web under the Team tab, Settings, Manage Email Quality setting.

Export to CRM skipped. We did not export this lead because its email status isn't good enough according to your LeadIQ settings. To change this, go to the Settings icon and check your export options.

When you open the extension and click the drop down menu on the top left, settings, you can select what emails you want to automatically export at time of capture. 

Export to CRM skipped. This prospect was not created because a matching record was not found in Salesforce, as mandated by your admin. 

Team admin has enabled Block Creating New Records in Other Integrations Unless a Matching Record Exists in Salesforce (Chrome Extension only). This setting can be found via the web under the Team tab, Settings. 



No such column "field name" on entity Lead or Contact.

A required mapping field is enabled on Salesforce configurations that LeadIQ does not provide. Salesforce admin will have to disable this required field in Salesforce. 

Invalid bearer token. 

Disconnect and reconnect your Salesforce integration via the web.

API is disabled for this user.

Salesforce admin has to enable API access under the user's profile on Salesforce. 



Error creating outreach account. You are not authorized to access that resource. 

Your Outreach admin will need to enable Create Accounts on Outreach for your profile. 

Error creating Outreach prospect. Contacts contact is using an excluded email address:

Outreach admin has added an email domain under Outreach Block Creation of Prospects with Specific Email Addresses in Outreach.

Prospect active in another exclusive Outreach sequence.

Outreach admin has disabled the ability to have prospects in two active sequences. 

Sequence is locked. 

The user or Outreach admin must unlock the sequence in Outreach. This option is found under the Sequences tab, more options, lock/unlock. 



Salesloft. Unable to create person. 

Salesloft admin will have to enable permissions to create prospects in Salesloft. 


If you have any questions about error messages or you're receiving an error message not included in this list, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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