Managing Governance Settings


This quick video gives you a quick breakdown of the LeadIQ Governance feature.


Managing Integrations

If enabled, your team will be locked to only the integrations you choose and prevented from connecting to any others. Plus, new team members will be required to connect to your integrations before they use LeadIQ.

  • On enables integrations to require each member to connect before using LeadIQ to capture prospects.
  • Off requires each member to disable the integration before using LeadIQ to capture prospects.
  • Don't Manage allows each member to freely activate or deactivate the Integrations under the Integration settings. 
  • Caution: Disabling an integration notifies members who connected it earlier and only allows them to continue using LeadIQ if they disconnect your disallowed integration.
  • Covers:
    • Salesforce - Require team to connect and capture prospects to Salesforce
    • SalesLoft - Require team to connect and capture prospects to SalesLoft
    • Outreach - Require team to connect and capture prospects to Outreach
    • HubSpot - Require team to connect and capture prospects to Hubspot
    • Google Sheets - Require team to connect and capture prospects to Google Sheets


Managing Email Quality

Enable to control the level of email quality (Verified, Best Guess, Unverified) you would allow team members to capture to your integrations. By default, your team members can individually customize this setting in their LeadIQ extension.

  • Best Guess Emails
    Mid-level deliverability rates which for various reasons may not be verifiable but a strong possibility.
  • Unverified Emails
    Mid-level deliverability rates which for various reasons may not be verifiable but a strong possibility.
    • LeadIQ always adds prospects with Verified Emails (those with high deliverability rates) to your integrations.
    • Check to allow more prospects to be added to your integrations, albeit their work emails will have worse deliverability.
    • When unchecked, prospects with these lower quality work emails will not be captured. Manage Email Quality blocks from capture entirely - including LeadIQ's lists and your integrations.


Managing Edited Emails

Enable to control if team members are able to export emails (work and personal) they manually edited. By default, your team members are able to edit a prospect's email and export it to their connected CRM.


Managing Automated Data Unlock

Enable to control what data (work phones, mobile phones and personal email) you would like automatically sent to your integration with each prospect capture. By default, your team members can individually customize this setting in their LeadIQ extension.

  • LeadIQ always sends the Work Email for each prospect to your integrations.
  • Check the additional data, if available, LeadIQ should automatically send to your integration too for every prospect.
  • Uncheck the data you do not want sent to your integrations.
  • Caution: Enabling Mobile phones and personal emails will use your team's limited monthly premium credits quickly!

Managing Auto Submit Phone Requests

Enable to control auto submit phone requests for prospects in the UK & EU when their phone number is not found by LeadIQ at the time of capture. 



  • Block creating new records in other integrations ggov4.png a matching record exists in Salesforce

    When using other platform integrations such as Outreach or SalesLoft, this blocks the creation of records for your team in other integrated platforms unless a matching record is found in Salesforce.

    • Blocks Hubspot, SalesLoft, Outreach (including adding to a cadence/sequence)
    • When disabled, prospects can be captured to other integrations regardless if the prospect record is not found to already exist in SFDC.

    • This helps prevent the creation of "orphaned" prospects in Hubspot, SalesLoft, and Outreach.
  • Block SalesLoft Duplicates from Being Added to a New Cadence
    Enable to block your team from adding a prospect into a new cadence when a duplicate already exists in your SalesLoft integration.


    • Prevents prospects from being in multiple different cadences at the same time.
    • When this governance is disabled, prospects can be added to more than one cadence. 

Team Management

  1. Log in as a Team Admin at with an Enterprise supported plan
  2. Click the Gear Icon item on the lower left.
  3. Click Team tab at the left, then click on Groups & Governance.
  4. Customize the governances as you would like. Your changes apply immediately to the team.



Setting Governances using Groups

Now you can customize your Governance settings for Groups within your team. After you make a group, manage your settings for each Group on your Team. 


FAQs for Team Admin 

  • Can I set up my SFDC custom mapping through the Governance feature? Governance does not allow you to update your SFDC settings in this way. You can find those settings within the SFDC integration found on the Integrations page on the web. You can learn more here:
  • What will my team see when they try to set up an integration that I have disabled through the Governance feature? Your team will be informed to speak with their Team Admin to setup that specific feature. See the image below: 


  • Can I enable or disable integrations for some agents, but not for other agents? Sorry, but at this time your Governance settings will apply to all of your team members.


If you have any questions about governance, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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