Getting Started with the LeadIQ Platform


With the LeadIQ platform, you can find verified emails, direct dials, and more while prospecting in LinkedIn Sales Navigator and send that data directly to your CRM and sequences, all with one click. 

For Users

Article What You'll Learn
LeadIQ Walkthrough Guide
  • Downloading chrome extension
  • Basics of using LeadIQ
Email Verification
  • What each email symbol means
  • Recommendations for capturing leads
  • Types of credits in LeadIQ
  • How credits work in capturing leads
Capturing Leads
  • How to prospect with the LeadIQ extension
Outreach Integration
  • Connecting LeadIQ to Outreach
  • Syncing Outreach sequences to LeadIQ
SalesLoft Integration
  • Connecting LeadIQ to Salesloft
  • Syncing Salesloft cadences to LeadIQ
Sync Statuses
  • How to see if leads were sent to your integration
Captured Leads
  • Viewing captured leads in the web app


For Admins

Salesforce Setup for Admins
  • Building custom mapping to your Salesforce
  • How LeadIQ checks for duplicates in Salesforce
  • When LeadIQ makes API calls
Outreach Configuration
  • Building custom mapping to your Outreach
  • Adjusting your integration settings
SalesLoft Configuration
  • Building custom mapping to your SalesLoft
  • Adjusting your integration settings
Data Privacy Settings
  • What data privacy controls LeadIQ offers
  • Setting up your team's custom settings


If you have any questions about LeadIQ, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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