Capturing Leads


To get started, open LinkedIn on your browser and click on the LeadIQ Identify Extension located on the top right of your Chrome Browser.


You can select the List you wish to save to by clicking on the List box showing My Leads on the top of the Identify extension.


You may choose to Create a New List or select from what you already have available.


Once your search results appear on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, the leads will be mirrored on the extension.



Clicking on the lead's LinkedIn Profile will bring up only their information on the Extension. 



Bulk Unlock 

If you would like to capture all Emails and Phone numbers, you can select the two icons on the top right which display an Email and Phone Icon. This will Unlock All work, personal emails and mobile phone numbers. 

Please Note: If you select to unlock all phones including mobile, premium credits will automatically be used for each available mobile phone number when captured, which may use up your monthly premium credits very quickly.



If you prefer to capture One Profile at a time, you can do this by Hovering over the profile and clicking the + sign capture on the right. 


Clicking on the bottom Capture All, captures all of the valid leads displayed on the current page of the search result.

Extension Settings Tabs

When you click into any Profile you will see three Icon Tabs on top of the Profile.

Lead Data: This shows the profile data of the prospect below.


Company Data: This shows the company data found from the profile of the prospect below.



The Organization Map can be found when you click into the Company Data Icon, clicking on the option to View will open a page in the extension that displays the prospects that are available for the Top 3 Levels in the prospect’s Company.



Level 1 provides the top 25 prospects in the Executive level of the company.

Level 2 provides the top 25 prospects that fit best into the role of company Vice Presidents.

Level 3 provides the top 25 prospects that have Senior roles in the company.

Clicking on View More on Webapp will open Search in the Webapp with the pre-selected filters for the Company that you are prospecting.

Insights: This will pull up any insights, mentions…etc for this prospect below.

Important LeadIQ Extension Settings

Check the box of the integration to allow captured leads to be automatically added to the integrated platform.


Only Export These Emails

Check the box of the email quality to allow leads that have a specific work emails to be exported to the integration. There is also an additional option that will allow the export of a lead, regardless of the email quality as long as a mobile number is available. This option is only available for users that have Salesforce, Hubspot and Outreach integration.


Sync Status 

Once captured you can see an individual sync status on each capture. Depending on what integrations you have connected, hover over the integration icon to obtain sync details. Let's use LeadIQ list for example: 


You are also able to see lead's sync status on the web under your Lists tab. More information about Lists sync status can be found under Viewing Sync Statuses in Lists.


Updating Email Format or Domain

If you would like to change the email format or company domain of a lead's company, you will have the option to edit the format of the email and apply that format in bulk to the entire account. The edited format will only be visible to you and not your team. If you make an error, you can easily revert the edited email to LeadIQ suggested email. 



If you have any questions about capturing leads, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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