Viewing Sync Statuses in the Prospector Extension

If you have integrated LeadIQ with your other sales tools (such as Salesforce and Outreach), your leads are synced to your sales tools automatically. When you're using the Identify extension to capture leads, you can see these sync statuses in real-time.

To view more information about each status, hover over the status and a popup opens with more information. Some status popups will direct you to your notifications for further information. 


There are several different types of sync statuses you may see. Below is a chart describing each of the different status types. 

Sync Status Description
Success! the lead was successfully synced
Partially Synced the lead was successfully synced in some but not all of your sales tools due to a technical error
Not Synced the lead was not synced due to a technical error
Skipped the lead was not synced due to your current settings; check your notifications for more information
Syncing to CRMs this lead is currently syncing
Queued there are several other leads currently syncing; this lead is queued to start syncing when the other leads have finished
Finishing Up this lead is almost done syncing
Unlocking Data this lead has been synced and their data is about to be displayed
Contact Info Suppressed this lead's information has been suppressed in LeadIQ's database
Add Domain to Capture this lead's domain needs to be added to LeadIQ's database


If you have any questions about syncing or integrations, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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