Creating a Personalized Message Using Scribe


After setting up Scribe, creating your personalized message is easy and it is divided into three major simple steps. Let's take a look.


Step 1: Select the Recipient Info 

Scribe reflects all the leads you previously captured with the LeadIQ extension and that you have in your list.

Simply click on the empty field and type the email or LinkedIn profile URL of your recipient and hit Search LeadIQ. Scribe will populate the lead information, which can also be edited if needed.

If you are a first-time user, Scribe will give you a list of recommended prospects (whose info we have in the database).


Please Note: The email list you see when clicking in the empty field only shows the last few emails you captured, you must hit Search LeadIQ in order to find emails of older leads. 

Also, the ability to search by LinkedIn URL (in addition to email) may be in any of the following formats:

Step 2 - Select The Persona

This is where you can select personas that have already been created that best match the prospect.


Step 3 - Select the Value Proposition

Here is where you should highlight a specific message you use in your prospecting, whether that is about your product or about a challenge you solve.


Step 4 - Select the Insight and Generate a Message and Subject

Here is where you will actually get your message generated, and doing so is easy just like the previous steps.

Choose up to three insights you want and click Get Personalized Message at the bottom of the screen.

Choose up to three Insights and click Get Message at the bottom right of the screen. Scribe will give you a few messages and subjects that you can copy to the clipboard.

The Overview insight will Encompass all Insights that are available. It provides a summary for all categories of insights for the current user.

This feature will allow you to quickly find the Insights that you regularly use and Expedite your Workflow within LeadIQ Scribe.


Notice: LeadIQ Scribe is supported in five languages at the moment: English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

What if I don't like the Personalized Messages? How can I make Scribe sound more like me?

We love to hear your feedback! For each message created, you have the option to 👍 or 👎, and you can also edit the messages inline. We strongly encourage you to do that as the Scribe AI learns every time you provide feedback.

If you did not like any of the generated messages, you can also click on "Regenerate Messages" to receive new personalized Messages.



If you have any questions about Scribe, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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