Creating Custom Mapping in Hubspot


LeadIQ will populate all standard fields automatically out of the box to corresponding contact and company records in Hubspot. These include fields like First Name, Last Name, Company, and Email Address. You don't have to worry about mapping these fields.

Generally, it's a good idea to use LeadIQ's Custom Mappings page to map non-standard fields, and fields whose names might not exactly match between LeadIQ and HubSpot. These can include Personal Mobile Phones, Work Phones, and other non-standard fields. 

To Custom Map fields, follow these steps:


  1. Once you have connected HubSpot, you should see “configure” option under Connect Accounts page. Keep in mind this is only available for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. 
  2. Click on “Configure” and you’ll be redirected to the HubSpot Settings page
  3. Depending on your account privileges, the configuration is either editable or view-only                                                     


Figure 1.2 Hubspot Settings - Member View.         Figure 1.3 Hubspot Settings - Admin View


Creating a new mapping

  1. Click on “Add Field Mapping” at the bottom of the page
  2. Choose a LeadIQ field that you wish to map from the drop-down on the left
  3. Choose the Hubspot field (from the drop-down on the right) to which the LeadIQ value should be mapped
  4. You should see a “Field Mapping added” toast notification

Map to custom fields in HubSpot

Custom fields created on HubSpot should automatically be available for mapping under the HubSpot dropdown on the settings page. To map to a custom field,

  1. Add new mapping or alter an existing mapping
  2. Choose a LeadIQ field that you wish to map
  3. Choose the custom field on HubSpot to which the value should be mapped
  4. You should see a “Field Mapping added” or “Field mapping updated” toast notification

If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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