LeadIQ Refresh Overview


What is LeadIQ Refresh?

A managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange that, once installed and properly configured, will allow you to enrich your Salesforce Account, Contact, and Lead records with LeadIQ data.

Please Note: LeadIQ Refresh is not available for the Essential edition of Salesforce - it's only available for those with a Standard Salesforce license.

Product Limitations / Requirements

  • Data Point details
    • An overview of all data points can be found in the LeadIQ Refresh Data Points article
    • There are 43 total data points that can be enriched
    • LeadIQ includes custom fields within the managed package by default to capture these data points for all 3 Objects - Account, Contact, and Leads
    • Please refer to the LeadIQ Refresh List of Components article for a total list of components included in the LeadIQ Refresh managed package
    • All fields are installed during the installation of the App Exchange package and must be installed for the package to be set up correctly
  • Refresh supports 4 different enrichment types:
    • Instant Enrichment
      • Enriches records as soon as they get created/updated
      • Records will be enriched within 10 seconds most of the time
      • Volume: Up to 100 records at a time
      • Installation & Setup is done by: SFDC Admin
      • Users: SFDC Admins only for set up > Once set up, instant enrichment will take place irrespective of which user creates or modifies a record. This happens automatically, there is no UI/UX outside of the setup via SFDC Admin.
      • API Calls:
        • Bulk records created through applications like data loaders and migrators will be batched and up to 100 records enriched will consume 1 API
        • Records created/updated one at a time will each consume one API call
      • Prioritization of enrichment
        • 0-100 records: All enriched in 10 seconds
        • 101+ records: Prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
        • For the existing record, it will sort by IQ_Last_Enriched_On__c
    • On-Demand Enrichment
      • Individual
        • Triggered by Button/Action that is on the page layout of the desired record to be enriched
        • SFDC Admins can determine which users have access to the On-Demand Enrichment feature by making the button available (or not)
        • Speed: Enrichment runs immediately when the user clicks the IQ Enrich Now button on the layout
        • Setup by: SFDC Admin
        • Users: Possible for all SFDC users (SFDC Admin can determine during set up)
        • API Calls: 1 API call
      • Bulk
        • Supports bulk enrichment of up to 100 records from the list view
        • Needs Flow permission to be enabled
        • API Calls used: up to 100 records in 1 API Call
    • Scheduled Enrichment
      • Admin is able to schedule enrichments on a recurring basis for all 3 Objects
      • Volume: Up to 50,000 records at a time
      • Setup by: SFDC Admin
      • Users: SFDC Admins only
      • Prioritization of records for enrichment
        • Unenriched records: Prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
        • Previously Enriched records (Enriched more than 7 days prior): Prioritized by oldest enriched records first > Most recently enriched records last
          • If records have the same previous enrich date, then prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
      • Recommendations for Scheduled Enrichment:
        • To have a gap of 3h between two schedule enrichment runs to avoid clashes. For example 12am, 3am, 6am etc. 
      • Log out functionality 
        • Salesforce admins are able to manually log out of the Refresh app to turn off enrichment from their org. 
        • If authentication fails and there is an instant enrichment or on demand enrichment, we will trigger the auto log out procedure. Once you are logged out, you will not receive any errors in the transaction logs. 
  • Other
    • Bulk Enrichment: Hourly Enrichment & Scheduled Enrichment
      • Bulk enrichments are batched into hourly jobs
      • 1 API call is consumed for every 200 records enriched
    • Prioritization of Records
      • Newly created records within the hourly window

Engineering / Set Up Requirements

To properly configure LeadIQ Refresh will require a Salesforce integration user. The email used on this integration user must be the same as a LeadIQ User within your team in LeadIQ.

If you have any questions about Refresh, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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