LeadIQ Refresh Settings for Enrichment


This article will go over the different settings found under the Enrichment Settings tab. 


1. Instant Enrichment

      • Enriches records as soon as they get created/updated
      • Records will be enriched within 10 seconds most of the time
      • Volume: Up to 100 records at a time
      • Installation & Setup is done by: SFDC Admin
      • Users: SFDC Admins only for set up > Once set up, instant enrichment will take place irrespective of which user creates or modifies a record. This happens automatically, there is no UI/UX outside of the setup via SFDC Admin.
      • API Calls:
        • Bulk records created through applications like data loaders and migrators will be batched and up to 100 records enriched will consume 1 API
        • Records created/updated one at a time will each consume one API call
      • Prioritization of enrichment
        • 0-100 records: All enriched in 10 seconds
        • 101+ records: Prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
        • For the existing record, it will sort by IQ_Last_Enriched_On__c
      • On record update instant enrichment: Instant enrichment for these objects will only run if any of these fields were updated
        • Account Object
          •  Name
          •  Website
          • IQ Company Email Domain
        • Contact Object
          • First Name
          • Last Name
          • Account Id
          •  Email
          • IQ Company Domain
          • IQ Linkedin Url
        • Lead Object
          • First Name
          • Last Name
          •  Company
          •  Email
          • IQ Company Domain
          • IQ Linkedin Url

          2. Technology Settings

      • Select the sales tools your company uses, and Refresh will enrich those account fields with your preferences.
      • Full list of supported sales tools can be found here
      • Indicate your 10 technologies you want for enrichment.
      • In order to view IQ Technologies field, you will need to add “IQ Technologies” on the page layout for Account records.



If you have any questions about Refresh, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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