Configuring LeadIQ Refresh

This article goes over all the steps to ensure LeadIQ Refresh is properly configured within Salesforce.

Please Note: Refresh users who authorize within Refresh should also be connected to the same Salesforce instance within the LeadIQ web app. This means you must complete two steps prior to using Refresh with Salesforce: Step 1: Refresh authorizes the Salesforce app to use the LeadIQ API. Step 2: Salesforce authorizes LeadIQ to use Salesforce's API.


Step 1: Permission Set Assignment

LeadIQ offers 2 permission sets for the users:

    1. LeadIQ Admin User
      1. Should be assigned to the app admin users who can configure app and modify the app settings in the org.
      2. LeadIQ automatically assigns this permission set to all "System Admin" users in the org upon installation.
    2. LeadIQ Standard User
      1. Should be assigned to the app users who can see the app and its configurations but can't modify it.
      2. To assign it, navigate to Setup > Permission Sets > click the specific permission set, then click Manage Assignment.
      3. Standard User cannot access the following if he/she is not assigned to SU permission set.
        • Transaction Log tab
        • IQ Log field of the record (the field that populates Transaction Log ID)
        • Scheduled jobs table
        • Standard User still is able to do the enrichments (e.g. On-Demand, Instant, etc.)

Step 2: User Authentication

    1. Navigate to Salesforce App Launcher > Lead Enrich > IQ Setup
    2. Click on Connect.
    3. It will redirect the user to the oAuth page, click SignIn with Salesforce or SignIn with Salesforce (Sandbox) depending upon the type of environment you are using.
    4. Upon successful login, the user will be redirected back to the App/Salesforce.
    5. This will fail the first time. Try it again and it should work.

Step 3: Add IQ fields to page layout

If you wish to use the IQ layouts available with the package, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the detail page of any Account/Contact/Lead record and click on Settings > Edit Object.


  2. It will redirect user on the object detail page. From the object detail page click on Page Layouts then click on Page Layout Assignment button.


  3. Click on Edit Assignment, select the profile(s) for which you want to use the IQ page layout and select page layout from the list of page layout i.e. IQ Account Layout for Account.

  4. Click on the Save

  5. Follow the same steps for the Lead and Contact objects and page layouts are IQ Lead Layout , IQ Contact Layout respectively.

If you do not wish to use the IQ layouts, follow the steps below to add IQ fields to any of your existing page layouts

  1. Select the layout you wish to edit in order to add the IQ fields. 

    1. You will need to do this for every Layout in use by the users of Refresh. 
      1. Determine which Profiles the users belong to
      2. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Account/Lead/Contact > Page Layouts and click the Page Layout Assignments button on the right hand side. 
      3. For each Profile you will see the layout its users are using. If there are multiple Record Types being used, you will see a column for each. In those columns you will see the Layout that's associated to each Record Type. You will need to perform the rest of the steps in this section for every Layout under every Record Type for every Profile to which users of Refresh belong, for the Lead, Contact, and Account objects.
  2. Choose Fields on the left pane and drag Section to the desired location on the page layout and name it LeadIQ Enrich

  3. Type IQ in the Quick Find box at the top. This will list all available IQ fields.


  4. Select the first field, hold down shift and select the last field and drag all selected fields down to the newly created section.

Step 4: Add IQ Enrich Now button to record layout

  1. Open the details page of any Account record.
  2. Click the ⚙️ icon in the top right corner and click 'Edit Page'
  3. Select the Highlight Panel section, add the IQ Enrich Now action and click Save. Add_IQ_Enrich_Now_Button_-_Step_3.png
  4. Repeat the steps for Contact & Lead objects.
  5. Sometimes you will do this step and still NOT see the button when you go to a Lead/Contact/Account. If there are multiple Record Types being used (which you can see under Setup > Object Manager > Account/Lead/Contact > Page Layouts > Page Layout Assignments button) you'll have to add the button to each Layout directly in the Layout editor. 
    1. Go to Setup > Object Manager > Account/Lead/Contact > Page Layouts
      1. If you need to, refresh your memory as to which Layouts are being used under the Page Layout Assignments button. Make a note of each Layout that's listed under each Record Type, for each Profile that users of Refresh belong to.
    2. For each Layout in use by the users of Refresh, edit the Layout and in the little box toward the upper left, under the Save button, you will a list of the elements available for that Layout. 
    3. Find Mobile & Lightning Actions in that list, and then find the IQ Enrich Now element in the field of draggable elements. 1.png
    4. You will need to do this for every Layout that's being used by the users who will be using Refresh. 

Please Note: This step is not required if you are going to use the IQ page layouts as default.

Step 5: Add IQ Enrich Now button to list view

Enable flow setting

      1. From Setup, enter Process Automation Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Process Automation Settings.
      2. Select Enable Lightning runtime for flows.


  1. Save your changes.
  2. Go to Object Manager from setup , choose and click the Object (Account,Lead or Contact).


5. Go to Search Layout for Classic OR MORE LIKELY List View Button Layout, edit the List view.



6. Add the button and Save, your button will be appeared on List View.


Enable Flow permission for Standard User (Optional)

If it showing Insufficient privileges then do the following steps.

1. Using Admin account, go to Setup > Users. Clicks on Standard User.


2. Click on Edit. Check the checkbox for “Flow User” and click Save.


If you have more than 3 users, You can create a permission set and give run flow access to that permission set and add Users. 

Please Note: All users given flow access permissions must have enabled their SFDC integration for Identify before running a flow. This ensures that our duplicate detection functionality is enabled. 

  1. Create New permission set, Go to Setup> Search Permission Set >> Click New >> Put the name >> choose the license


2. Go to System setting in this permission set > click on Edit > check “Run Flows” >> Save



3. Manage User > Add user which you want to give access to IQ Enrich Now


Step 6: Configuration

Field Mappings

    1. Navigate to the Lead and Contact Intelligence (The Salesforce App) > LeadIQ Setup > Field-Mappings ****tab.
    2. On this tab, you can define the field-mappings for Account, Contact And Lead Objects
    3. By default fields are mapped with salesforce custom IQ fields. If you want to change the field mappings, just select the field name from the dropdown menu under the Salesforce Fields label.
    4. Double check if the “Enrich” checkbox is selected for the data points that you would like to enrich.
    5. “Always Override” should be checked if the Salesforce data should be always overwritten.
    6. Once you are done with the mapping click on the Save.


Enrichment Settings

1. Instant Enrichment

      • Enriches records as soon as they get created/updated
      • Records will be enriched within 10 seconds most of the time
      • Volume: Up to 100 records at a time
      • Installation & Setup is done by: SFDC Admin
      • Users: SFDC Admins only for set up > Once set up, instant enrichment will take place irrespective of which user creates or modifies a record. This happens automatically, there is no UI/UX outside of the setup via SFDC Admin.
      • API Calls:
      • Bulk records created through applications like data loaders and migrators will be batched and up to 100 records enriched will consume 1 API
      • Records created/updated one at a time will each consume one API call
      • Prioritization of enrichment
      • 0-100 records: All enriched in 10 seconds
      • 101+ records: Prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
      • For the existing record, it will sort by IQ_Last_Enriched_On__c

          2. Technology Settings

      • Select the sales tools your company uses, and Refresh will enrich those account fields with your preferences.
      • Full list of supported sales tools can be found here
      • Indicate your 10 technologies you want for enrichment.
      • In order to view IQ Technologies field, you will need to add “IQ Technologies” on the page layout for Account records.

3. Hourly Enrichment

      • Runs every hour (for example 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, and so on). It is set up automatically on package installation
      • The limit is 50k records first-come-first-serve, leaves other records beyond that untouched
      • Consumes 1 API call for a maximum of200records
      • It is independent of the Instant Enrichment settings
      • It only processes records that are:
        • Created/modified within that particular 1h window
        • Never enriched before
      • Hourly enrichment can be turned on/off by going toLeadIQ Setup > Enrichment Settings > Hourly Enrichmenttoggle



Schedule Enrichment

      • Admin is able to schedule enrichments on a recurring basis for all 3 Objects
      • Volume: Up to 50,000 records at a time
      • Setup by: SFDC Admin
      • Users: SFDC Admins only
      • Prioritization of records for enrichment
      • Unenriched records: Prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first
      • Previously Enriched records (Enriched more than 7 days prior): Prioritized by oldest enriched records first > Most recently enriched records last
      • If records have the same previous enrich date, then prioritized by record creation > Newest records created enriched first

Recommendations for Scheduled Enrichment:

We recommend to have a gap of 3h between two schedule enrichment runs to avoid clashes. For example 12am, 3am, 6am etc. 




If you have any questions about Refresh, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.




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