Automatic Duplicate Detection


LeadIQ automatically checks for duplicates in your integrated systems as you browse Linkedin. 

If an object already exists in one of your systems, you will see an icon for that system under that person's photo in the extension: 


Note that the icon without the white checkmark on it simply means that there is something related to that person in your system. It might be the person themself, as a Lead or Contact in Salesforce. But it could also be their Account, or even an Opportunity associated with their Account. 

When you see the white check mark, that means that you do in fact have that individual in your system AND the email that you have on file for them is the same as the one we have. 

Basically, the icon itself means there are related objects and the check mark means there's an email address match.

You can hover the icon to see a preview of all the related items we found in that particular system:


LeadIQ will not make duplicates of these records in your systems. Even if you click the + button to capture them, we will not create a duplicate record. 

If you have the One-Click Update feature on your subscription, you can configure LeadIQ to automatically update existing Leads and Contacts upon capture.

Please see the following articles for more information on setting up and using the One-Click Update feature:

For Salesforce:

For Outreach: 


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