One Click Update in Extension for Salesforce Integration


How to Setup for Team Admins

  • Go to your Salesforce integration settings page. 
  • Click the UPDATING RECORDS tab and customize your defaults for lead and contact records. For example:
    1. Never Update - by default, won’t do anything
    2. Update if Blank - Only enrich fields that are incomplete (e.g. data-quality issues with randomly missing phone, email, or title fields)
    3. Always Update - If you would like to enrich all fields with LeadIQ data regardlessly
  • More granular control for team admins with specific field overrides. For example:
    1. Ensure only certain fields are updated such as the Last Name, leave the default for Lead fields as Never Update and set the override for the specific fields you would like to update to Always Update.



How it works!

When do I know record updates will occur?

When you have Salesforce connected, look for the blue cloud icon.

  • Blue cloud icon with checkmark - means we’ve located what we believe to be an exact match (name, company, email address) and will enrich.
  • Blue cloud icon (without checkmark) means we’ve located relevant records such as an account, contact, or lead. Depending on how relevant, we suggest different enrichment options. Sample cases described below.

Found a matching contact record

This is the best case scenario. When we identify a single matching name and company record, we’ll pick this option. 

Additionally, links to existing contact or account records.

🤔 How Unlocking Work Emails Can Change Updates:
When you capture a prospect (if you have not picked an override option) - we may discover an exact email match when using the credit to unlock. When this happens, the extension will automatically enrich the matching record instead of creating a new one.

Found a matching lead record

Same as above, but with a little different visual touch. 

Additionally, if members are allowed in SFDC settings to save as contacts and automatic account creation is enabled, there will be an option to create both contact and account.

Duplicate records are found

If more than one record is found, we will skip the capture unless you tell us which record to enrich. For these, you will be notified on the cloud icon with a ⚠️ symbol, not pictured on left.

For example, if you captured A Sharma without changing the recommended option, this notification appears in your extension:

“A Sharma” was not captured to SFDC. No record was selected. Select a record from the SFDC icon and capture again

Previously LeadIQ used to skip records with a similar notification: “John Smith was not captured to Salesforce because a duplicate was detected.”

🤔 How does LeadIQ “define” duplicates? Name, company, and email match.

More possible edge-case situations

More than one matching account found

We won’t enrich any automatically, unless you pick one. We recommend setting up the Automatic Account Matching feature to help LeadIQ match one single account by region or country. You can learn more about that here.

🤔 How does LeadIQ “define” a matching account? The domain matches. This is where more than one company may appear if multiple accounts use the same domain. 

A matching account found, with no matching person records

We will recommend to create a new contact in that account.

Similar, but no exact record matches

LeadIQ will show the similar record, for example one who shares the same name but at a different company. This is shown for your information.

In the interest of preventing your team members from accidentally enriching the wrong records, reps are only able to skip or create a new record.


If you have any questions about One Click Update, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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