Refresh Field Mappings


This article explains how to configure Refresh field mappings. 

Field Mappings

    1. Navigate to the Lead and Contact Intelligence (The Salesforce App) > LeadIQ Setup > Field-Mappings ****tab.
    2. On this tab, you can define the field-mappings for Account, Contact And Lead Objects
    3. By default fields are mapped with salesforce custom IQ fields. If you want to change the field mappings, just select the field name from the dropdown menu under the Salesforce Fields label.
    4. Double check if the “Refresh” checkbox is selected for the data points that you would like to enrich.
    5. “Always Override” should be checked if the Salesforce data should be always overwritten.
    6. Once you are done with the mapping click on the Save.


If you have any questions about Refresh, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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