Managing Data Privacy Governance


What is Data Privacy Governance?

Data Privacy Controls

Prospect Opt-Out

Suppression Lists

Do-Not-Call (DNC) Lists

Geo Governance

What is Data Privacy Governance?

Data privacy and compliance are top of mind for every organization. Ensuring that your company as a whole is meeting regulatory requirements is vital to your prospecting efforts and avoiding costly legal issues. But ensuring employees are following the correct requirements can be challenging, especially when each country can have different laws and regulations. 

LeadIQ takes the worry out of these data privacy and compliance concerns with easy-to-use admin controls that help automate what users can and can't access.

Data Privacy Controls

To access the data privacy controls you will need to access the LeadIQ web app.

Step 1: Log into your LeadIQ account. On the left side of the screen, click The Gear Icon.

Step 2: Select Data Privacy on under System.

On the sub-tabs below, under Setup Privacy Detail, you see that LeadIQ's Data Privacy Governance includes four areas: Prospect Opt-Out, Suppression List, Do Not Call List, and Geo Governance.


Prospect Opt-Out

From time to time, a lead you captured will choose to opt out from LeadIQ's database. If you or any of your users captured that lead, this sub-tab allows you to set up an auto-generated weekly email sent to a specific email address advising the recipient that the lead(s) has chosen to opt out.

To enable, simply enter the email address of the email recipient in the field provided and click Save.


Suppression Lists

This sub-tab allows you to add suppression lists based on your company's compliance standards and internal data. To add a suppression list, enter either an individual's full email or a company domain name in the field provided. 


Do-Not-Call (DNC) Lists (Enterprise-Only)

This sub-tab allows you to restrict work and personal phone numbers based on established DNC lists. By default, all lists are open and not restricted. To restrict, click the checkbox next to the list you'd like to enable. Once checked, the phone numbers will no longer be accessible to users.


Geo Governance (Enterprise-Only)

This sub-tab allows you to enable or disable email and phone data so you can customize what your users can access while using LeadIQ. 


The Geo Governance tab also allows you to control the data that is accessible for different countries. By default, your users are given global access, however, you can restrict data type access for specific countries. 

Step 1: Select Add New Country.

Step 2: From the dropdown list, search for and select the country you would like to restrict data for. Once you select the country, it is displayed under the Default row.

Step 3: In the country row, toggle the data types you would like to restrict.

Step 4: If you would like to add another country, repeat the steps above.


If you would like to restrict data for all countries, under the Default row, choose the data type(s) you want to restrict and click the toggle to Enabled for each. 



Data (External Sources)

By default, prospects that are marked as "Do Not Call" or "Email Opt-Out" in Salesforce are not automatically suppressed in LeadIQ. If you would like to restrict contact data for prospects that are marked as "Do Not Call" and/or "Email Opt-Out" in your Salesforce for both Leads and Contacts.

To enable it, simply check the detail you want to be managed by the SalesForce


Please Note: You must mark the “Do Not Call” and “Email Opt-Out” field visible in Salesforce. In this example, Do Not Call is grayed out because it is not visible in Salesforce.


Once that is enabled and you prospect someone who has suppressed their data in Salesforce, you will see a message saying "Do Not Call" or "Do Not Email”.



If you have any questions about managing data in LeadIQ, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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