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LeadIQ Lead Capture use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

LeadIQ is truly committed to protecting the privacy and security of our users. Our Vulnerability Disclosure Program is intended to minimize the impact regarding any security flaws on the safety of their data.

Our Vulnerability Disclosure Program concerns the web application service available at

In order to qualify for the Program, the vulnerability must exist in the latest public release of the Software and you must only perform the test manually. Only security vulnerabilities will qualify, and to ensure that your report qualifies, please submit them using approved channels directly to or +1-888-653-2347. You may also contact us using the LeadIQ Support form here.

Your submission will be reviewed and validated by a member of our Product and Security Team. Clear instructions will help us investigate and expedite the response.

Guidelines and Scope limitations:

1. Please notify us before performing extensive tests. It will make our collaboration easier and avoid unnecessary effort. Please use your own account for testing or research purposes.  Fully automated tools are not allowed. We only accept manual or semi-manual tests. Do not cause any harm, attempt to gain access to another user, hinder application fluency, or act against our Terms of Service

2. Do not intentionally access non-public LeadIQ data any more than is necessary to demonstrate the vulnerability.

3. Do not compromise the privacy or safety of our customers and the operations of our services.

4. You are obliged to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

5. You may not disclose any vulnerability without prior written consent from LeadIQ.

6. We are not obliged to provide remuneration, fee, or rewards for any vulnerability disclosure – such action remains at our full discretion. 

7. We reserve our right not to act in case of findings with no real risk impact on our data integrity and security.

If you have any trouble, please contact our Support team by clicking "Submit a request" at the top right of this page for further assistance.


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