Adding Leads to a Do Not Contact List


From time to time, a lead you are prospecting requests that you add them to your company's Do Not Contact list. 


To add them, you will need to go to the Team Management section of our web app, where you will see all your team members. Click on the "Data Privacy and Governance" tab:



At the top, you will find it under "Data Privacy Governance" under the sub-tab , "Suppression List".




Clicking on the Suppression List menu option will bring up a screen with a large text area:



For Freemium Plan users, the "Suppression List" can be found on the main tab on top of the page:


Selecting the "Suppression List" will open the "Do Not Contact List"  and will be displayed in the same way for both paid and unpaid subscriptions.


The large text field under the "Do Not Contact List" subtab will accommodate as many entries as you can provide but is limited to have entries set at only one per line.

To block all emails at a specific domain:  Enter just the domain name on a line.

To block only a specific email address: Enter the full email address on a line.



In the above screen, you can see that the Do Not Contact list will suppress the info for:

Any domains or email addresses in this list will have their complete suppressed and will not be available to anyone through our system.


If you have any questions about data privacy and governance, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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