Limiting API Calls


When does LeadIQ make API calls and why?

LeadIQ uses API calls at two different points:

  1. When you load a page of LinkedIn search results while the LeadIQ extension is open: This is so that LeadIQ can show you the little blue cloud icon under people's pictures indicating a related item in Salesforce.

    • 1 API call to see if an Account exists
    • 1 API call to see if a Contact exists as a Lead or Contact
    • 1 API call to see if an Opportunity exists 

  2. When you click Capture and save to Salesforce using LeadIQ: This is to create the object in Salesforce.
    • 1 API call to create a new Account, if necessary
    • 1 API call to save either as a Lead or Contact

As you build out your tech stack by adding more apps that talk to Salesforce, your API call consumption will go up. After all, the more you drive the more gas you need to buy. Your Salesforce subscription level determines your overall API call limit, and eventually you may reach that limit. It's a good problem to have as it typically means your sales team is getting more done.

The long term solution is to upgrade your Salesforce subscription to include a higher API call limit. 

However, we realize that you might not be in a position to do that at the moment, so we have a feature to help alleviate the issue in the short term.

LeadIQ's API call limiter

LeadIQ has a feature on the Salesforce Configuration page where we will limit the number of API calls we make based on your limit: 


What this is telling us is that when LeadIQ detects that you are at 80% of your Salesforce API call limit, it will start reducing the number of API calls it makes. 

Essentially, LeadIQ will no longer automatically make API calls when you load a page of Linkedin. It will only make them when you actually click Capture to save them to Salesforce. The difference in functionality is that little blue cloud symbol will no longer appear to notify you of an existing entry in Salesforce ahead of time. Instead, you will see a golden cloud symbol telling you the limiter is in effect.

  • You will still be able to save to SFDC
  • The app will still prevent you from creating a duplicate upon clicking capture.

So it is fully functional and safe, there is just no notification of the duplicate before capturing and your team admin can change the threshold at which the feature kicks in by moving that slider around. 

If you never want LeadIQ to do automatic API calls upon loading a page of Linkedin, you can set this threshold safely to 0.

If you have any questions about API calls, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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