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Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials -- for example, a name and password -- to access multiple applications. SSO can be used by enterprises, smaller organizations and individuals to ease the management of various usernames and passwords. If your organization uses SSO, you can purchase an add-on option to use it with our service as well for some plans.


Advantages of SSO include the following:

  • It enables users to remember and manage fewer passwords and usernames for each application.
  • It streamlines the process of signing on and using applications -- no need to reenter passwords.
  • It lessens the chance of phishing.
  • It leads to fewer complaints or trouble about passwords

If you are on the Enterprise or Pro Annual plans, you can speak with your Customer Success Manager about having it added to your plan at an additional cost.  We will help you set up it up for production, and at that point, your team will use SSO to log into the LeadIQ service.


We support the following Identity Providers:

    1. Okta
    2. Auth0
    3. Duo
    4. Azure

We support the following identity Types:

    1. OIDC (Open ID Connect)
    2. SAML2
    3. WSFed

When setting up SSO for LeadIQ, please keep in mind that the configuration is for the whole team -- we can not have different settings for specific team members.  For example, we can not disable other login functions (name/password or Google account) for only some of your team members to force them to use SSO, but not others.  

If you have any questions about SSO, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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