Managing Prospect Territories

LeadIQ_Banner_Transparent.pngWhat is Geo-Governance/Territory Management?

The last thing you need to deal with as a sales manager or admin is squabbles between sales reps over prospects and targets. It can not only create team friction but prospecting outside their assigned territory is a waste of reps time. It can even lead to compliance and legal issues if your teams are capturing and prospecting on leads in countries you aren't supposed to be. 


This is why LeadIQ launched our first Geo-Governance feature, Territory Management. Now admins can control what countries reps can capture contact data from the LeadIQ dashboard. Territory Management allows LeadIQ to support your internal team alignment. 


Who is the feature for

  • Enterprise plans only

How it Works

Territory Management is only editable by team admins. Every user will by default is assigned to "global", meaning they can capture prospect data from any country. Changing territories can only be done on an individual user basis. To change a user's territory:

  1. Go to the "Team" page
  2. Click on the "..." on the right of the screen for the user
  3. Click "Edit Territory"
  4. Type in and select the countries this user is assigned to
  5. Click"Save"



What happens if a user tries to capture a prospect outside their assigned territory? 

If a lead's company is out of a user's assigned territory, all contact data (mobile phone, persona email, work phone, and work email) will be restricted and unavailable in the Chrome Extension and exports. Users will not be able to capture that data.


A suppress message will be shown in Chrome Ext but export data will be blank.



If you have any questions about territories, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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