Why are my leads/contacts getting assigned to the wrong person in Salesforce?


If you're saving leads or contacts to Salesforce with LeadIQ and you find that they're being assigned to the wrong person, there are a few things to check. 

 1. Default Value for Owner

The first possibility is that the Override Owner might be set from your LeadIQ admin. 

  1. Navigate to your Salesforce configuration page and click Default Values, or just click HERE.
  2. Make sure the Override Owner field is not set under Lead or Contact. This will ensure that everyone is the owner of their own saves in Salesforce. If an individual is set here, ALL captures will be owned by the listed individual when exported to Salesforce.Image 2020-02-21 at 11.52.09 AM

2. Assignment rules in your Salesforce

The second possibility is that you have rules set up in Salesforce that are superseding LeadIQ, so while LeadIQ is passing the correct Owner value, your Salesforce has an assignment rule that is overriding the Owner value coming from LeadIQ. 

The best way to fix this is to simply navigate to the Salesforce configuration page here: https://account.leadiq.com/app/integrations/salesforce and set the "Active Assignment Rule for Leads" to "Never apply". 



That should do the trick.


If that doesn't work, you have the following two options.

A. Turn off all assignment rules. 

B. Add logic to your assignment rules so they ignore Leads or Contacts coming from LeadIQ.

For option B, the way you can identify leads coming from LeadIQ is with the Lead Source field.

Here's what you need to do: 

  1. In your Salesforce, you are going to create a new value in the Lead Source picklist. 
    1. Log in to Salesforce and click SetupScreen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_11.38.46_AM.png
    2. On the left side navigation, under Build, click Customize > Leads > Fields. (if you are saving as Contact in Salesforce click Contacts instead of Leads here)
    3. This will show a list of all your fields for this object. Click Lead SourceScreen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_11.41.23_AM.png
    4. Under the section titled "Account/Lead Source Picklist Values", click New.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_11.44.57_AM.png
    5. In the text field, type the value you would like to add. Most customers simply call it "LeadIQ". The click Save.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_11.47.12_AM.png
    6. Now, navigate to the LeadIQ integrations page and click Configure on Salesforce.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_11.50.36_AM.png
    7. Click the big green Resync Team button. This will enable all of your users' LeadIQ instances to see the new Lead Source value you just created. This can take several minutes to complete. Please be patient and stay on this page until it completes.Screen_Shot_2019-12-09_at_6.45.50_PM.png
    8. Click Default Values.Screen_Shot_2019-12-09_at_5.55.51_PM.png
    9. Make sure you are under the correct object type. 
    10. Find the Lead Source field under the desired object type, and in the picklist select the new Lead Source value you created.Screen_Shot_2019-12-09_at_6.12.53_PM.png
    11. It will save automatically and push to the entire team. Now all leads/contacts created by your team will have the Lead Source value you set.
    12. Now you need to set your Assignment Rule(s) to ignore incoming leads/contacts with that Lead Source. 
    13. Go back to Salesforce and click Setup
    14. In the Quick Find search bar type "assignment rules", then click Lead Assignment Rules when it comes up.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_12.04.56_PM.png
    15. Click the Assignment Rule you want to modify.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_12.07.50_PM.png
    16. Under "Rule Entries" click New.Screen_Shot_2019-05-17_at_12.08.57_PM.png
    17. Set the Sort Order to 1, then set the Field to either "Lead: Lead Source" or "Contact: Lead Source" depending on which object type you're creating. Set the Operator to "equals" and set the Value to "LeadIQ" using the search icon next to the field. Make sure you have "Do Not Reassign Owner" checked under Step 3. The logic you are setting here is "If the Lead Source equals LeadIQ, do not reassign the owner". Then click Save.Screen_Shot_2019-08-15_at_1.49.47_PM.png
    18. In theory, once you complete this for all relevant assignment rules you are done. However, you will want to test it now by doing some saves with LeadIQ. Salesforce is complex and depending on the logic you have for your assignment rules, the steps outlined here may not be exactly what you need to do. In other words, you might need to mess with it a bit. We hope that this article is of some benefit.


If you have any trouble, please contact our Support team by clicking "Submit a request" at the top right of this page for further assistance.


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