The Team Owner Dashboard

As Team Owner, you can lord over others via the Team Dashboard. You'll find it by clicking on the Gear Icon located on top of your initials. Then select the Team tab under Admin. 

Most Team Owners use this to invite new members, assign credits, boot people out of their team and assign roles. 


Here is how you assign credit limits and boot people from your team. BOSH!


You can also set limits and boot them with the Menu options on the right of the selected victim.


We take privacy and the right to be contacted very seriously here at LeadIQ. If you have someone who is on a DNC list or prospected poorly and got told off, you can put them in this suppression list so they will never hear about your limited time, super value offering ever again.

Tip: But if they change their mind, you can remove them from the blocked list and be friends again.


Want to know who has been naughty and nice? Click Report and you can stalk credit usage for each team member based on month to date, since your team's refresh date and also all time. Winner doesn't get a prize!


Besides checking who is secretly burning through your premium credits, you can check on productivity too. Select Team List Statistics from the first drop down menu to see how many Leads team members have collected in a given period. Then you can hound them about why they didn't call those 446 people today, and beam like a strawberry for being such an inspiring leader!



If you have any questions about viewing leads, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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