Salesforce De-duplication


This article lines up all the de-duplication questions you have about LeadIQ & Salesforce. We update this space regularly, so come back often to see if your questions are being answered!

Who owns the Salesforce contact record?

LeadIQ now tells you who owns the Contact so you can check in with them if you're capturing someone else's Contact:

API Calls and Golden Clouds

Salesforce has a daily API call limit. It starts at 15,000 per 24 hours for the Developer Edition and scales. Check their API Requests Limits and Allocations for a better understanding. You can also see this guide to check API Call Limits for your organization.

When nearing your API limit, a golden cloud (instead of the usual blue) will appear under your leads' photos in the extension. 

  • This means it is still checking for duplicates on Salesforce, but it won't report it back to the extension 
  • You are still saving to Salesforce, provided there isn't a duplicate in Salesforce
  • To ensure your LeadIQ API calls don't expend your total API limit, keep it conservative by toggling the rate limit in Settings at 70% and below (if you have other integrations that also heavily use Salesforce APIs)

You can expend anywhere between 3 or 10 API calls per lead; checking duplicates, calling records and returning duplicate information are part of API call limits. So if your team is scaling and you love LeadIQ, make sure you check in with your Salesforce account team about your Salesforce plan and your API limits.

Set Your API Limiter : Team Admin ONLY

Go to Settings in your extension > Make sure the Salesforce box is checked > Scroll down to this:


Set it to 50% if your Salesforce limits are < 35,000 calls per day. This will help reduce any API call surge and keep the de-duplication going on in the background!


If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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