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LeadIQ_Banner_Transparent.pngThe Basic Rules about syncing to Salesforce

Can I update existing Salesforce records from Lists?

If a lead’s data record is exported to Salesforce and a direct match is found, the record in Salesforce will be updated. However, if there are multiple matching records, the update will not be completed.

Can I update existing Salesforce records from the extension?

You can learn more about updating Salesforce data using our One Click Update feature! 

I captured someone before, and lately I tried re-capturing and unlocking mobile phone information. Will it save to Salesforce?

Yes! LeadIQ customers on our enterprise plan get access to One Click Update, which will modify existing records in Salesforce. No need to copy/paste the new data into an existing record.

Will LeadIQ create Salesforce Accounts for me?

Yes. If you're saving as a Contact in Salesforce, we'll automatically be searching your Salesforce for Accounts containing the company's domain and associating the Contacts with them. If we don't find the domain, we'll create a new Account when you capture. Alternately, you can save leads to a List and manually create a Salesforce Account using our sync to Salesforce modal within the web application.

Can I override LeadIQ's Salesforce Account auto detection and select an Account to assign a Contact to?

Absolutely. You can do this via the extension by clicking on an individual, scrolling to the Salesforce Account field and searching for an Account name to assign them to. Select the alternative Account, or create a New Account. Once done, hit Capture and this lead will be saved to your selected Account. Again, you can also do this separately in the sync to Salesforce modal within the web application.

Some leads have blue clouds and some don't - what does this mean?

That's our de-duplication process to indicate the status of a lead in your Salesforce records. If we detect a match with the name and/or Company, we will display a blue cloud under the leads' avatars to let you know you might have a duplicate. Click on the blue cloud and you will be able to see potential duplicate's name and Account information (if any). 

Capture these leads and we will attempt to match the information in your Salesforce records. If saving as a Contact, we'll assign the lead to an Account and you will see a blue cloud with a white check mark:


Click on the checked cloud will show you a lead's records in Salesforce; click on the lead's name and it will take you to the record in Salesforce. 

If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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