Saving as Contact in Salesforce


When you save as Contact from the extension, LeadIQ uses the Company Domain to find the correct Account in Salesforce.

You can see that domain that we use for this in the Company Domain field here:


Prior to capturing, you'll know whether we've found an existing Account or not if you see the platform's icon shown under the "Record Found In" tab of the extension.

That's confirming that we found the domain for "" in your integrated Salesforce platform. To get more information about the matches that were found, you can hover your mouse over the platform's icon. A dropdown will appear showing all of the matches that were found.

You can select the account or choose from the options provided in the dropdown where you would like to save the information.


If you don't wish to save the lead into the accounts listed in the dropdown menu, scroll down to choose other options available.

If you have the auto account creation box selected and no accounts or data is found for the lead in Salesforce, simply clicking capture will create a new account automatically.


You will also have the option to click +Create New in that field and check the data prior to creating the Account. 

What if I don't want an Account created in Salesforce?

Unchecking the box for "Automatic Account Creation will prevent an account from being automatically created.

For Team Admins, you may switch off this feature by going to your extension's Settings > make sure your Salesforce box is checked > Scroll down here:


If you have this box CHECKED, auto account creation continues. When UNCHECKED, saving as a Contact will fail if the Account does not exist.

Settings are a little different for customers under the Enterprise plan.

When you go into the integration settings and click on the Salesforce configuration settings, you will see the “Group Governances” under the “General” tab.



You can choose to apply the settings to all groups by clicking the “Apply to All Groups” button or select any group from the drop down menu.


By selecting “Don’t Manage”, any individual team member can select the settings for themselves.

These settings will automatically be applied once you are done.

Customers that are not subscribed to Enterprise do not have the governance settings enabled. To unlock the group level settings, the current subscription must be upgraded to the Enterprise plan.




Clicking on “Upgrade” will take you into the subscription settings. Click on the “Send Request” under the Enterprise settings will notify the Sales team who will get back in touch with you shortly to help you upgrade to the Enterprise plan



If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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