One-Click Update for Outreach


One-Click Update helps you to capture new prospects and automatically update existing matching records directly from the LeadIQ Identify extension. Using this feature reduces time spent manually trying to match records individually by: 

  • Automatically identifying records needing updates on lists or profiles
  • Hovering over the Outreach icon to see all original records and records that will be updated when captured
  • Overriding support by changing the recommended target record, or by creating a new record, or skipping the record altogether


Customizing Lead Field Defaults

Step 1: Navigate to your Outreach Settings page.

Step 2: Click UPDATING RECORDS and customize your lead field defaults:

  • Never Update: Default setting
  • Update if Blank: Enrich only incomplete fields (such as missing phone, email, or title fields)
  • Always Update: Enrich all fields with data at the time of capture
  • Require matching record in Salesforce - block your team from adding a prospect unless it exists in Salesforce first




Duplicate Records Found

One-Click Update skips capture if more than one record is found unless you indicate which record to enrich. An enriched record displays a ⚠️ symbol on top of the Outreach icon

When an account is selected, capture and export it to the correct Outreach Account




If you have any questions about One-Click Update, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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