Capturing Verified Emails


When LeadIQ finds an email it performs a verification step to help ensure accuracy. This step consists mainly of a request for verification against the company's mail server, which results in a yes or no answer.

When we get a "yes" response we call the email "verified" and mark it with a green check mark. This indicates that the email is about 95% likely to be accurate. Verified emails cost 1 standard credit.

Sometimes a mail server responds in ways we can't trust. For example it might say "yes" to everything no matter what, or just decline the response. When that happens, we return the Unverified status with the ? symbol. This is to save you from a false positive and bounced email. This also costs 1 standard credit.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The mail server might be configured to refuse all requests for verification. In this case, we can't be sure that the email is accurate, so we mark it unverified.
  • The mail server might be using a catch-all domain, which essentially means it answers "yes" to all verification requests. Obviously, this would result in false positives, so when we see that a mail server is doing this we mark the emails as unverified.
  • The person might simply no longer work at that company, which would explain why they're not verified. 

The goal of the verification process is not to give you the illusion of having tons of great email addresses. It's to protect your deliverability and your domain, so that your emails don't immediately get marked as spam as soon as you send them. We are conservative about what we consider to be a "verified" email, because our main goal is for your emails to be successfully delivered. 


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