Integrations Overview


We need to make sure you're very, very clear about setting up for success with integrations! 

There are 2 parts to ensure you will go from "Capture" to synced with your integrations with just 1 click. And it starts with a few clicks:

1) Ensure that you have given authorization for LeadIQ to connect to your sales enablement/CRMs via Menu > Integrations and click Connect. 

Where is the Menu? Bottom left > grey circle > your initials. 

2) The most powerful tool in your LeadIQ box is the extension. Crack open the extension and go to Settings (the gear icon to the right of the top menu):


Depending on what you have authorized LeadIQ to connect to you, you'll see a selection of software you can allow the extension to save to.


You'll notice in the example that additional settings appear relative to the product you are integrating to. Guidance is found here:

- By default, only Verified Emails will be synced to your sales enablement/CRMs. You check Unverified and Likely statuses at your own risk. We don't support syncing Bounced statuses. 

- By default, only Work Emails are auto unlocked when you click Capture. You check Work Phones and Mobile Phones/Personal emails at your own risk.


Checking those boxes will wipe out your Premium Credits very quickly - and you'll have to wait till your next refresh date, or pay for custom premium credits purchase if you need a top up. 

For Salesforce subscribers

- Your Default Settings will reflect on how you are saving to Salesforce (Contact or Lead). This can only be re-defined by an Administrator for the team. Talk to your Team Owner if you have beef about how this affects your Salesforce organization.

- API Limits should be 70% to 90%. We cover the reasons here.

Outreach Sequence & SalesLoft Cadence

- You can post your prospects to a given cadence or sequence, or none at all. Leaving this field empty is not a crime. You can still attribute a sequence or cadence on the front of the extension just below the List field. Not attributing a sequence or cadence means they will be saved to Outreach and/or SalesLoft as a Contact/Prospect and you can manually dictate their fate later.

If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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