Gong Engage FAQs


How does the Gong integration work?

Unlike our other integration, Gong’s Engage integration is done using Salesforce as the source of truth.

For admins, this means that their Salesforce settings are what control data quality/governance. There are no specific Gong Engage settings to change in LeadIQ. 

From a user perspective, the experience is similar to Outreach and Salesloft. Users can select their Gong Flow, see whether a contact is already in a flow, and capture them to the specified flow.


Are individual users able to set up Gong integration?

No - Gong Engage can only be turned on by an admin team wide.


Is one-click update available for Gong Engage?

Yes, users can capture directly to the Gong Flow they pick.


So if they are already in SFDC but not in Gong, there will not be a 15 minute delay?

Correct, the delay (up to 15 minutes) is only for a net new Salesforce record. When that delay is happening, there will be a message on the Gong icon stating that the record is pending. This message will stay until the sync between Salesforce-Gong is complete.


Do users have to add a prospect to a flow? Or can they just create a record in Engage?

LeadIQ does not export or create “objects” directly in Gong Engage. Instead, information is read from Salesforce. So a user could create a record in Salesforce without selecting a flow, but if they do this, no objects will be created in Gong Engage.


How does LeadIQ detect if there is a duplicate in Gong?

LeadIQ will check for duplicates in Salesforce as we normally do (Name and exact Email). If there is a duplicate, when you hover over the Gong icon it will prompt you with a message saying to make a selection on the Salesforce icon first before a flow can be assigned.


Are there any additional field mappings or settings that need to be made for users to use this integration?

No - Gong Engage will detect field mappings from Salesforce. 


Will there be a hyperlink in Gong Engage or will that not work as well because of the 15 minute delay for net new records?

There is no hyperlink to Gong Engage currently. Since no records are created in Gong, there is nothing to hyperlink there like you would with Salesloft or Outreach.


What happens if we close the extension before the net new record is synced to Gong Engage?

As long as the record has been synced to Salesforce, you can close the extension and it will be moved to the flow when ready.


If you have any questions about Gong Engage, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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