One-Click Update for Salesloft


One-Click Update allows you to capture new prospects and automatically update existing matching records directly from the LeadIQ extension. 


Setup for Team Admins

  • Go to your Salesloft integration settings page. 

  • Click the UPDATING RECORDS tab and customize your defaults for lead fields. For example:

    1. Never Update - by default, won’t do anything

    2. Update if Blank - only enrich fields that are incomplete (e.g., data-quality issues with randomly missing phone, email, or title fields)

    3. Always Update - enrich all fields with LeadIQ data at the time of capture




Record Updates

A white checkmark over the Salesloft icon indicates an existing lead has been detected. Depending on your settings to Always Update, Update if Blank, or Never Update at the time of capture, LeadIQ will enrich these fields. 



If you have any questions about One Click Update, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.




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