Using LeadIQ with Google Sheets


Want to organize your list with Google Sheets or just use it as a backup?

Here's how you can save leads from LeadIQ to Google Sheets:

- To connect to Google Sheets, go to Menu (your initials) > Integrations > Connect Google Sheets.


- Select the Google account you want LeadIQ to associate leads to.


- Make sure you've checked "Google Sheets" the "Integrations to save to" options in your extension's Settings.


- You won't see the Google Sheets icon under your leads' avatars when you've successfully captured your leads so make sure you're saving to the correct LeadIQ Campaign.


Head over to your Google Sheets menu, and you should see a Google Sheet named after your assigned LeadIQ campaign.



Watch the video!:


If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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