Viewing Profiles in Track


The Profiles that are displayed in LeadIQ Track provide a wealth of useful tools that can help display the most relevant information about your intended prospect. To get the most out of Track, we recommend that you have either your Outreach or Salesloft platforms along with Salesforce actively integrated with LeadIQ.

Job Changes

Job Changes have three primary classifications of profiles that can be viewed: Joined, Left, and Promotion.

Joined provides information about employees that have Joined the watchlisted company in the last 6 months.


Left shows Profiles for employees that have Left any of your watchlisted companies in the last 6 months.


Promotion provides information about the employees that were Promoted within your watchlisted accounts in the last 6 months.




The Filters on the right side of the page can be used to help narrow down the Job Change results.


Track looks into your Salesforce data and shows Job Changes from companies with previously closed-won opportunities.

Past Customer

Past Customer is a Contact or Lead with a previous record in your Salesforce CRM. Selecting this option will show a list of opportunities hyperlinked to the Salesforce record once the option is selected.



Title Keyword

Title Keyword searches across previous and current job titles of the prospects.




Seniority narrows down the results to specific seniority levels.



Function helps narrow down search results to specific functions.



Start Date

Start Date provides choices for when the prospect started the role at the current position.



Detected Date

Detected Date allows you to select the range when LeadIQ Track detected this job change. 3 Months is selected by default.


Once you have narrowed down the information using the filters, it will be much easier to go through the Job Changes Profile results.

Each Profile will display insights about the employee’s Current Role, Past Role, Start Date, and Company Information.


Unlocking Contact Information

If the Work Email for the employee is not displayed, you can click on Unlock Work Email to view it.



You can check if the employee has a Mobile Phone Number available by clicking on Unlock Mobile Phone.


If the system is unable to find a Mobile Phone Number, Phone Unavailable will be displayed and a Premium Credit will not be deducted from your available Credit Balance.


When a Mobile Phone Number is found, a Premium Credit will be deducted from your Credit Balance and it will be displayed on the employee's Profile.



Capturing Prospects

Clicking on Capture on this from on any the Profiles in Job Change allows the Profile to be exported to Salesforce, Outreach and/or Salesloft (if the platforms are connected).


If a Sequence or Cadence is selected, the prospect will also be added to it.

Additionally, you can also select to save the Prospect you are Capturing into your LeadIQ Campaigns. Clicking on the Select a Campaign will open the Drop Down Menu.


You have can Choose to Create New Campaigns in your LeadIQ WebApp or Select an Existing one.

The Prospects you Capture will be Saved into your Campaigns Tab on the WebApp.


Once a Prospect is Captured, the Profile will be moved to the Captured View, which can be selected from the View options, so you can return to check on Captured leads at any time.


From the Captured View, you can also Click on the Icon to see the Record in your Integrated Platform such as Outreach, Salesforce and Salesloft.


If you have any questions about the Track feature, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.




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