August 2022 Release Notes


Features and Improvements

  • Outreach and SalesLoft export control improvements
  • Placeholder text updates on both the web app and Chrome extension
  • Chrome extension list view improvements
  • Bulk updating of accounts
    We have added the ability to bulk update accounts when duplicates are detected. Upon selection of an account, users can now extend that selection to all users who have the same account choices.
  • Allow LeadIQ to change ownership for updated records

    Currently, when a LeadIQ user updates a Salesforce record, we don’t provide a way for the admins to update the ownership of the record to the SDR who updated it through capture in LeadIQ. We now have added a new setting in the Salesforce configuration page where LeadIQ Admins can opt-in to enable this feature.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for display issues on the Chrome extension

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