Getting Started with Compose

What is Compose?

For outbound sales teams, striking the right balance between personalization and prospecting efficiency is a never-ending struggle. Spend too much time personalizing and reps won’t have enough volume; don’t personalize enough and reply rates will suffer. With hundreds of target accounts for reps to prospects, basic [First Name] and [Job Role] email personalization have become the norm for most teams.

With Compose, outbound sales teams can now personalize cold outreach at scale without sacrificing quality. 


Creating Company Description and Value Proposition

In order for Compose to generate effective messages, it must understand a little bit about your company and your value propositions. This information can be added during the onboarding workflow and can always be referenced or edited within the Company Description and Value Propositions fields in the settings section of Compose.

Please Note: If another team member has already provided this information, you will not be prompted for this during your onboarding to Compose.

The Setup

After you add your Company Description and at least one value proposition, you may begin using Compose on the LeadIQ web app. For a more streamlined experience, you can also use Compose within your workflow in Outreach, SalesLoft, or Gmail. After generating your first three sets of messages, Compose will prompt you to download our extension and enable one or more of these integrations.

Please Note: You can always update these integration preferences later from the Settings section. 


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