Managing Data in LeadIQ


What is Data Privacy Governance?

Data privacy and compliance are top of mind for every organization. Ensuring that your reps and organization are meeting regulatory requirements is vital to your prospecting efforts...and avoiding costly legal issues. But ensuring reps are following the correct requirements can be difficult, especially when each country can have different laws and regulations. 


LeadIQ takes the worry out of these data privacy and compliance concerns with easy-to-use admin controls that help automate what data reps can and can't access. To access the data privacy controls:

  1. From the web app, click on "Team"
  2. Select "Data Privacy Governance" from the top nav

Here you will see our Data Privacy Governance is made up of three parts.

Data Privacy

The Data Privacy feature provides admins with control over the data types that are accessible for different countries. By default, your teams will be given global access. To restrict access to certain data types for specific countries:

  1. Select "Add New Country'
  2. Search and select the country you would like
  3. Toggle which data types shouldn't be accessible for your reps
  4. Repeat for as many countries as you need

If you would like to restrict a data type for all countries, just toggle the type you would like to restrict in the "Default" row.


Do-Not-Call (DNC) Lists

From this setting, you can restrict work and personal phone numbers based on established DNC lists. To enable a DNC list, simply toggle the list to "Disabled" and those phone numbers will no longer be accessible by your reps.


Suppression Lists

You may also add additional suppression lists based on your own compliance standards and internal data. Suppression can be done either on an individual basis using full email or an entire company using the domain.



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