How to Train Your Team to Use LeadIQ


If you've got new users joining your team and you want to teach them how to use LeadIQ, you can follow this outline to more easily convey the setup, workflow, and value of the app. This follows our own product training almost exactly and will enable you to reproduce it as needed.

  1. Start on the LeadIQ Campaigns home page by logging into
    1. Just mention that this is their home page for the app. Don’t go into what Campaigns are yet because new users will have no frame of reference for that at this point. You’ll come back to that later.
    2. Make sure everyone can log into their accounts on
      1. Make sure everyone who needs an account has one, and that everyone has accepted their invites
    3. Make sure they have the extension installed (visible in the upper right)
    4. Go to the Integrations page and instruct the team to connect to the correct integrations
  2. Open the extension
    1. Clarify that this is where you do most of your work with LeadIQ
    2. Open a tab of Linkedin Sales Navigator and do a search
      1. Show them how LeadIQ loads up the search results
      2. Show them how it’ll follow their search and reload if they apply more filters or go to the next page.
    3. Show them the extension Settings.
      1. Have them enable the appropriate integrations under “Integrations to save to”
        1. Make sure they know that every user needs to do this for themself.
      2. Don’t go over the rest of the Settings yet. That’s better explained in the context of the workflow.
    4. Back on the front of the app show them how the icons for the integrations now show under “Saving To”
      1. Explain that at the point of capture, which you’ll go over in a minute, leads will be getting sent to each of the integrations shown
      2. If they’re using Outreach or SalesLoft, show them the Sequence/Cadence dropdown
      3. Explain that in addition to the external integrations, captured data will also be sent to a list on, which we call Campaigns.
        1. Advise them to create a new Campaign for each new search you do in Sales Nav
    5. Now show them the + button.
      1. Explain that clicking the + does what we call a “capture”
      2. Explain that when we click that button, LeadIQ is going to do EVERYTHING they need it to do":
        1. Find the data
        2. Qualify it
        3. Send it to the enabled Integrations
      3. Explain that if they are new to LeadIQ they won’t see the email address yet, and it will say “Preview email” instead. Make sure they know to just click the + button. They don’t need to click Preview email.
      4. Explain Verification. These are the symbols that appear next to the email addresses.
        1. Green Check Mark = Verified.
          1. These are the ones you should mainly stick to using. These are the ones that will be sent to your integrations.
        2. Circle = Best Guess.
          1. Use if needed.
        3. Question Mark = Unverified
          1. Use sparingly or not at all.
        4. X = Known bad
          1. Do not use.
      5. Explain that by default, ONLY THE PEOPLE WITH VERIFIED EMAILS will be sent to the external integrations. This is a huge point to clarify. Show them how they can change that in the Settings under “Export these to my integrations”.
        1. Further clarify that if the email has a ?, circle symbol, or X next to it the person will NOT be sent to ANY of their integrations.
          1. Clarify that EVERYTHING gets saved to the LeadIQ Campaign regardless of email quality.
      6. Explain that LeadIQ deduplicates automatically.
        1. You’ll see the cloud symbol under the prospect’s photo in the extension if they are already in SFDC.
          1. You can hover over that symbol to see a few details, and then click the link to their page in order to see their full SFDC page.
        2. Even if you click + and the email is Verified, LeadIQ will not create a duplicate entry for that person.
      7. If you’re saving as Contact in SFDC, it’s time to explain how that works.
        1. LeadIQ uses the Company Domain field to match Contacts to Accounts in Salesforce
          1. It does NOT use Company Name or Account Name. That is not relevant in the automatic Account matching from the extension.
        2. Prior to clicking the + button, LeadIQ has already searched SFDC for the Company Domain. If it finds that domain in an Account object in SFDC, that is the Account to which the Contact will be saved.
          1. Before capturing, you can see the Account LeadIQ is planning to send them to in the Salesforce Account field (in the individual profile view)
            1. If it’s blank, it means the domain is not found. If they click Capture at this point, a new Account will be created.
            2. You can start typing in this field and it will do an Account Name match on your entire SFDC.
              1. You can use this to manually specify the Account.
              2. You can also click + Create New in this dropdown and manually create a new Account.
    6. Explain Premium Credits
      1. Show them how to unlock Mobile Phones
        1. 1 or more mobile phone found = 1 credit spent
        2. No mobile phone found = 0 credits spent
        3. Personal Emails might come with the unlock as a freebie, no additional premium credits spent.
        4. Premium credits are “use it or lose it”. They do NOT roll over to the next month if they aren’t used.
      2. All the other data is Unlimited.
    7. Explain what the checkboxes at the bottom of the extension do
      1. Advise them to have Work Phones checked and Mobile Phones unchecked
    8. Explain that you can use Capture All to get the entire current page.
      1. Suggest that they filter Sales Nav results to include only that which is relevant to them, and then use Capture All
  3. Show them they can navigate to the Campaign using the little house button at the top of the extension.
    1. Show them the Export functions
      1. Show them how to Download as CSV
      2. Show them how to export to integrations from the web app
        1. Explain that this is a nice way to save people to integrations even if their email address is not Verified.
    2. Take them back over to the Campaigns home page
      1. Show them that all their campaigns are visible here
  4. Here you can “soft stop” and explain that that’s the basic day to day workflow.
  5. Show them the Advanced Search
    1. Explain that this is a database search of leads that have been captured before by LeadIQ customers
      1. Clarify that it’s different from the extension in the sense that it doesn’t do a fresh search, but rather pulls from data we already have in-house.
    2. Explain that it consists only of leads with Verified emails.
    3. Highlight the Technology Used search
  6. Show them the Upload feature and explain the two different kinds of .csv’s the system will accept.

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