Verifying Email Addresses


LeadIQ performs qualification tests for all of the email addresses that it finds. 

  • We contact their mail server and ask, for example, "Does exist?" and their mail server should say yes since that is valid.  
  • Then we ask "Does exist?"  and they should say No because it's not valid.  If it says No, we know it only accepted the legit email and we consider it verified.
  • If they say yes to all formats, we can not verify the email because it's using a Catch-All system and accepting all mail and then rejecting it on the backend. This is an Unverified status.
  • We infer the email format based on verified emails from other people at the same company, and mark those as “Best Guess”.

We also do use other methods, including third-party vendors, as data sources beyond our own testing.


If you have any questions about verifying email addresses, you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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