Adding Team Members


As your team expands and changes, you will need to add and remove members from your team.  Our tools make this very easy to manage!

To manage your team, you will need to go to the Team Management section of our website, where you will see all your team members:


Removing Team Members:

In the far Right column, you will see a green box with 3 dots next to each team member:


Click the green box next to the team member you wish to remove, and a menu will be displayed:


Select "Remove From Team" and there will immediately be removed -- PLEASE NOTE: There is no confirmation screen, and this can not be undone. The removed member will retain their lists and those will not be accessible by your team.

Adding Members:

Adding a new team member is pretty straight forward.  On the Team Management section of our website you will see a large green circle with a Plus (+) symbol in it.  



Click that Circle and it will display a popup asking for the new team members email address:


Enter the email you wish to add to your team and it will send the team member a Team Invitation email with a link for them to click.  When they click that link and make their account, they will be added to your team!

Until they click that email, you can see the Pending invitation status showing that it is waiting on their action:


While the invitation is pending, you have several options to handle the invitation:


  • Resend Email: This will send the user an invitation again in case they did not receive the original one.
  • Get Link:  This will allow you to view the actual invitation link that is sent so that you can copy it and possibly send it to them through a different communication channel (For example, Slack or other internal team tools).
  • Revoke:  This will remove the invitation, and the member can no longer click the invitation to join your team

If you have any questions about managing team members, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.




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