LeadIQ Walkthrough Guide



This is your guide to using LeadiQ. 

Housekeeping rules:

- Download the extension from the Chrome store.

Please Note: the LeadiQ extension is only available with Chrome. 

Click on the image below to navigate to the Chrome web store listing or click here.


- You'll see the extension next to your Chrome navigation bar when it is downloaded:


Let's get started! 

Go ahead and launch your LeadiQ extension; you'll see the Get Started button (ignore that unless you want to check out LeadiQ CEO's profile).

In this example, I searched CMOs in New York City, and a list of people are populated on my LeadiQ extension. I create a new Campaign which reflects the Search results so I know the search criteria when I check Campaigns later. Be as descriptive as you can, and have a standardized naming convention so Campaigns are easy to organize.



You can load Search Lists or click on a person's profile to view an Individual's profile:

Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_4.44.08_PM.png               Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_4.44.18_PM.png

Capturing Leads

You can capture leads as an individual or people by lists.

1) "Capture All" will attempt to unlock all work emails in the loaded list

2) Clicking the "+" sign next to an individual's profile will unlock the chosen person's email.

3) You can also click on a person's profile, and click the "Capture" button at the bottom of the screen to capture said person's details.

Note: When Capturing, please ensure you are assigning leads to the correct Campaign. You can select the Campaign in the Campaign drop down menu at the top of the extension.

Achtung!: Notice in my example below I removed the checkmarks from the Work Phones and Mobile Phones checkboxes? This is to show you that you can choose to mass unlock all available data points such as Work Phones, Mobile Phones and Personal Emails (if they exist) when you click "Capture All" but you should know that it uses Premium Credits - and those cost money to replenish, so should be used with care. 


Email Statuses

So by now, you've almost graduated Capturing School. We do need to talk about Email Statuses, so I'll let Jim spell it out for you (click the image placeholder to launch the video):


Your LeadIQ Settings

Now that you understand Email Statuses and Types of Data that you can unlock, we can talk about your extension's Settings.


If you are saving to Salesforce, you'll find that you will be given additional options when checking the Salesforce checkbox such as API limit setting and how leads are saved into Salesforce. The example above covers Salesforce and SalesLoft; in both cases, you will be given the option to determine the statuses of emails which you'd like to sync to your integrations.

You'll see that Bounced statuses are not an option. This is because most use cases have no reason to input Bounced email addresses into an automated workflow, and technically this is deprecated data so it's not the best use of API calls. Having said that, if you still want to send Bounced emails to your integrations you can download your leads as a .csv file, isolate them and import them into your integrations. 

ALL Email Statuses are saved into your assigned Campaign and your All Leads Campaign.

You'll also be able to select auto unlocks for data points using Premium Credits. Remember - Premium Credits are limited per month, so if you exhaust them you will need to purchase more or wait till your next refresh date.

Additional Features

Need to import the leads to another software? We got your back.

Use the Download as .csv feature to get leads in an import-friendly format for your other softwares. Select individuals, current page or all pages within a Campaign > Export > Download as .csv.


Campaign Housekeeping

Unlock Premium Data, Move & Copy leads between Campaigns and Mark Email Statuses all within the Action button.


Control the arrangement of Campaign columns. Copy information, edit in-line and Unlock specific Premium Data points.


Find Accounts and Leads with ease using the side panel menu


Let us know what you think by completing this quick feedback form and earn 10 Premium Credits!* 

If you have any questions about integrations, you can reach out to the LeadiQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


 *Conditions apply.

- Must have an existing LeadIQ subscription which is still active at time of reimbursement. Credits cannot be backdated or given to expired or cancelled subscriptions.

- Credits are awarded within 5 business days of feedback completion and will expire within your account's reset dates. Sorry, we will not be able to refund you if you don't use them within your reset dates!

- LeadIQ reserves the right to update or revoke this reward at any time without prior notice.



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