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On average 20% of your contacts in the CRM change jobs every year. Contact Tracking allows you to track previous customers and champions that moved job to a new company, or previous prospects that joined a new target account and keep your CRM accurate and up to date.

There are two ways to set up Contact Tracking:

1. By uploading a CSV file which we describe below. 

2. Through a Salesforce automation app. If the lists of accounts & contacts to be tracked are already in your Salesforce CRM, we can automate pulling through dynamic reports. If interested in the Salesforce automation app, please contact your Customer Success Manager or 

Here is how to get started:

Step 1: You can Upload your Contact Watchlist by accessing the drop-down menu located on the upper right side of the Track page.


Step 2: Selecting Contact from the drop-down menu will open a new page that will allow you to upload your Contact Watchlist.


Step 3: If you have a Contact Watchlist in the .CSV format available, you may choose to Drag & Drop the file onto the page, or select Browse File.


The Format for the Contact Tracking Watchlist requires specific Fields in order to be accepted. The fields are: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Company Domain, and Contact Title.

Fields such as Contact Email. Contact Linkedin URL, and Contact Salesforce Object ID are not required but they would be good to have if the data is available since it helps Track more accurate information about the Contacts that have been uploaded.

Step 4: You may also download the Contact Watchlist .CSV sample, and fill-in the information on the sheet before uploading it to Track.


Step 5: Click on View Job Changes when the Upload is complete.


It will take a little bit of time for the information to be collected and displayed under Job Changes. Depending on the size of the Contact Watchlist, it may take up to 24 Hours to Complete the process. An Email Notification will be sent to you once the data is available.

Once processing is done, you will be able to see a Summary of the file contents as follows: the Date the file was uploaded, the number of Tracked Contacts, and the number of Job Changes that have been found.

Step 6: You may also click on the Download Icon or Download under the Share Report column to save a hardcopy of the summary to your computer.

The columns will include:

Contact First Name
Contact Last Name
Last Known Company
Last Known Company Domain
Last Known Title
Contact LinkedIn URL
Current Company
Current Company Domain
Current Title
Job Change Detected Date
Job Start Date
Work Email
Work Email Status
Mobile Phones
Company Size
Company Industry
Company LinkedIn URL
Title Level
Title Domain
Job Change Type




If you have any questions about Contact Tracking, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.



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