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LeadIQ_Banner_Transparent.pngSetup Instructions & how the integration works!

Just a couple of notes before we begin the setup:

  • Only one Admin on LeadIQ needs to connect to Slack. However, once the Slack integration is connected, the notifications will work for the entire team.
  • If your permissions in Slack prevent non-Admins from adding apps, you'll need your Slack Admin to assist in order to complete the setup.


First, a LeadIQ Admin must go to the Integration page connect to Slack (See below). You have to also be within the Slack organization to connect the app as well.

In Slack, create a channel for the notifications. Quick note: You can create multiple and unique names for your channel(s)!

Add the LeadIQ bot to your new channel.

  1. Click (!) Details on the channel
  2. Select the 3 dots (...)
  3. Select Add apps

Press Add next to the LeadIQ app.

Now just wait for the next job change notification to appear!

How Does Job Change Notifications Work?

  • First, a LeadIQ agent captures a profile like John Doe at Acme. We will then save that record to their account. 
  • Later, when someone else goes to John Doe’s profile - we may discover he may have changed jobs, and no longer works at Acme but has moved to Warner Bros. In this case, our database is updated with the new information.
  • At this point, all parties who have captured this record are notified in the LeadIQ web app.
  • When you have LeadIQ integrated with Slack, LeadIQ will also notify and tag the Salesforce account owners for the previous and new company in a designated Slack channel.
    • Note: the lead owner (ie. the person who captured the prospect with LeadIQ) will not be tagged in Slack. They will only receive notifications in the LeadIQ web app.

Grouping of Notifications

Messages are grouped by job change event - the relevant account owners will be notified within the same notification.​

Info in Modal
Information is provided side by side in a modal within Slack.

  • Engagement overview
    • Salesforce contact link
    • Associated opportunities on Salesforce
  • Company information
    • Salesforce account link
    • Industry
    • Headquarter location
    • Revenue
    • Number of employees

Multiple Slack Channels

​Users can create multiple channels on Slack based on personas / ICPs and add the relevant owners of those accounts to have a more targeted notification experience. LeadIQ will only send notifications to the channels where the previous and current owner lives. This helps cut down on the noise and unwanted notifications!

App Home Page

The LeadIQ App Home only shows the notifications that the user is tagged in, so they can quickly filter out the notifications that do not relate to them.​


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