Track Admin Settings


As the designated Admin of your Team, you can configure Track’s settings to match your Team’s Workflow.


You can do this by clicking on Configuration on the top-right of the page.


This will open the Configuration page with a few options for you.


Save to:

You can choose the currently Integrated Sales Platform that the prospect from Track will be saved to. 


Any changes you make by Selecting or Deselecting the Boxes will be reflected on your LeadIQ Prospector’s Integrations to Save to settings.



Email export:

These settings allow you to select to Only Export Prospects from Track with the selected Work Email Type.


Changes that you make will be reflected on your LeadIQ  Prospector Only Export These Emails settings.



Once you have completed your selections, click on Save to finalize them.


Admin Watchlist

The designated Team Admin can now upload one bulk file that allows Accounts to be assigned to different reps in the team.


To add an Admin Watchlist, click on Update Watchlist  on the user right corner of the page.


This will open the page to Upload Accounts where you can select the Team Watchlist tab.


If you would like to get a copy of the Admin Watchlist .csv file, click on Download Sample.


The .csv file has an added column for the User Email where you can add the email of the Team Member that you wish to assign the Account to.

  • If there are rows without a valid Team Member Email those Accounts will be assigned under the Team Admin’s Watchlist.
  • If the individual Team Member's limit is exceeded, Track will automatically pick the top ‘N’ rows where ‘N’ is the Maximum Number of Watchlist Accounts for the Subscription.

  • Uploading can take a Few Minutes to a Couple of Hours depending on how much data the file contains. Track can support up to 75 Thousand Rows per upload.


Once you have finished updating the .csv file, you can choose to Browse for the file or to Drag and Drop it onto the page.

When the Upload of the .csv file has completed, click on View Job Change to return to the Track Dashboard.



If you have any questions about Track you can reach out to the Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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