Q4 2022 Release Notes



Daily Email Report Controls

Salesforce admins can change who receives the daily email report and or remove everyone from the list so that nobody receives the daily email report.

Enrichment Type in Transaction Logs

Users can see what type of enrichment was done in specific enrichment jobs. Types of enrichment include: scheduled, hourly, instant, single-on-demand, bulk on demand.

Salesforce admins will have to add an Enrichment Type field in the Transaction Log page layout in order to view this information on the transaction log.

Technographics Enrichment
We now support tech stack enrichment on Account records! Salesforce admins can select up to 10 technologies/sales tools for enrichment. When enriching an Account object, if the technologies match the ones the admin has selected, we’ll enrich those. By default, it’s mapped to a new custom long text area field called IQ Technologies, users can change the mapping on the field mapping page. Once enriched, it appears as text separated by commas in the field. When building reports, users can use this field as a filter criteria.

We’ll display some basic metrics to show the usage of Refresh, such as:

  • Match rate
  • Number of records enriched
  • Credits used


Mobile Phones Now Available for Unlock for Track Captures

Users can click on the Unlock Mobile Phone button to unlock the number(s) which will be saved to integrations (as per their export mapping settings) upon capture.

If the user has set up automatic unlocking of mobile phones on Identify, we will ensure that we also unlock mobile phones when they capture from Track.

Users Can Now Enter Mobile Phone Numbers in List View

We have now made it easier for the users to edit mobile numbers in profile view so by letting them edit and enter a new number on the list view itself.

Ability to Save Campaigns

Captures from Track will now be saved to LeadIQ Campaigns in addition to Salesforce (and OR/SL if connected). Users will be able to choose which campaign to save to or even create new ones. 

Salesforce is now optional to use Track

Until now, Salesforce was a prerequisite to using Track. With this release, we have removed this requirement. As we advance, all LeadIQ users will be able to leverage Track as long as they have access to the product.

Integrations Icons to Link to the Newly Created Record

Once a prospect is captured, users will now be able to click on the integration icons to view the record in the respective integration. 


Support for Dynamic Dates in Field Mapping in all CRMs

Customers wanted a way to update their CRMs with the date/date and time when a record was created or updated by LeadIQ in their CRMs.We have now added that support with two new fields (Current Date and Current Date Time) in field mapping across all the supported CRMs.

Support for Account Maps

Some customers make use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator's account map to pick and choose which lead to go after for a given account. They typically move the important leads from a recommended section into the account map tiers in order to create a structure of a buying team. LeadIQ's Identify extension can now mirror that list from account map so that users can quickly capture them into the sales tools.



New Insight: LinkedIn Activity (Posts and Shared)

A new Activity tab within LinkedIn has been added to introduce new insights for posts authored and shared by a prospect; this tab includes three sub-tab categories:

    • Posts: content authored by prospects
    • Shared: content authored by other LinkedIn users shared by the prospect
    • All Activities: 10 most recent results from both Posts and Shared

New Insight - Earnings Call Snippets

  • There is a new Earnings Calls tab within Financial Snippets. Similar to 10k reports, this new tab keyword-searches most recent earnings calls
  • Cards can be filtered by speaker for more relevant results


Export Field Mappings: 2-letter state abbreviations

Two new options to include 2-letter state abbreviations on theExport Field Mappings page:

  • State Code (String)
  • Company State Code (String)

Surfacing Opt-outs from Salesforce

Admins can now access the LeadIQ Data Privacy tab and select the field and object they want LeadIQ to search. This will serve as an additional data source for the do-not-call list, geo-governance, and suppression list, with a focus on the following two fields:
  • Do Not Call
  • Email Opt-Out

Integrations and Group Info for Superadmins

There is now more information in the Superadmin Team panel:
  • Which integrations users are connected to (Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, Salesloft)
  • If a user has been added to a group

Captured By Column in Campaigns

Admins will know which leads a user has captured which lead, as well as the date of capture. This new column has been added to My Team’s Leads and will be included in CSV exports. 

Select Leads Across All Pages in Campaigns

Users can now select all pages in a campaign, submit unlock requests, and/or move leads. We are able to support up to 5,000 unlock requests and up to 3,000 leads to move. To access, click the caret to select all leads, then click Select All Pages

Performance Improvements 

Profile rendering time in the extension is now 2.5 times faster!


Auto-Logout Functionality

We now support auto-logout functionality. When authentication fails, and there is instant or on-demand enrichment, the auto-logout procedure is triggered.


Sunsetting Previous Job Change Notifications

We have officially sunset the job change notification feature that we previously offered as part of our Enterprise plan. With this release:
  • All job change notifications that were previously shown across the Identify extension, the web app, and Slack have now ceased
  • Track users will now start seeing job change-related daily summary notifications on the Identify extension and the web app, in addition to email notifications



Our Release Notes for October include the following: 

  • Sign-up with Google
  • Support for new languages in our Scribe capability, including Spanish, French, German, and Italian
  • Multiple improvements to account-based job changes, including Outreach / Salesloft-related enhancements and revamped filters
  • One-click update for Salesloft
  • Enhanced governance settings for Administrators
  • Scribe and Track limits can now be controlled through the Superadmin role
  • Log-out functionality allowing Salesforce administrators to manually log out of the Salesforce app and stop enrichment

If you have any questions about these Release Notes, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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