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How do credits work with Refresh?

Unlike the rest of LeadIQ, Refresh has its own separate pool of credits. Below is an explanation of how these credits get deducted. 

  • Contact credits: enriches contact data information (work phone, work email, personal phone)
  • Firmographic credits: enriches person and company information

Currently, there are 10 million for each. 

Even if we don’t have new data for a record, as long as we are able to match the record in the customer’s Salesforce with our data, we will deduct credits.

This table shows the circumstances in which credits are deducted:

Record Type Company Matched Person Matched Credit Type No. of Credits
Account Yes N/A Company 1
Account  No N/A N/A 0
Lead / Contact Yes Yes Contact  1
Lead / Contact  Yes  No Company 1
Lead / Contact  No  N/A N/A 0


Example 1

Customer’s Salesforce shows that LeadIQ’s country is Singapore.

  • DataIQ shows that LeadIQ’s country is United States.
  • Customer runs Refresh on their LeadIQ Account record.
  • On the customer’s Salesforce, LeadIQ’s address gets updated to United States.
  • LeadIQ counts that as 1 Company credit used.

Example 2

Customer runs Refresh on the LeadIQ Account record again with no changes to DataIQ’s database.

  • On the customer’s Salesforce, the data on the LeadIQ Account record remains the same.
  • We count that as 1 Company credit used, even though no data was changed.


How does it determine a matching record?

Refresh uses the following fields to find matching records:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Company Domain
  • Linkedin URL/Linkedin ID

In most cases we will try to first match the company via Company Name or Company URL. Then we can further find the person that's under that company using Name / Work Email / Linkedin ID. Otherwise, we'll try to match by personal email if that's available.


If you have any questions about Refresh, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.


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