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How do credits work?

Well to begin, "Credits" is actually kind of a misnomer when it comes to LeadIQ. It would be more accurate to think of it as a monthly limit.

For example, if you're on the Starter plan, you have a monthly limit of 250 captures. That limit will be topped up back to 250 at the beginning of each month. You won't accumulate 250 additional "credits" each month. 

For lack of a better word we'll call them credits, but keep that in mind.

As an Admin, you can either use the default method where each employee pulls from a pool of credits, or you can assign a specific amount of credits to each employee every month. 


Can I take my credits with my after I cancel?

No. Credits don't persist after cancellation. For example, if you were to cancel your account after 6 months without ever using any credits, you would not be able to walk away with 1500 credits.


What are the different kinds of credits?

All LeadIQ paid plans include two separate pools of credits: Premium (used to capture personal mobile phone numbers), and Standard (used to capture work emails, work phones, and personal email addresses).

Premium credits are used when you capture or preview Mobile Phones. If we don't find a mobile phone you will not be charged, and if we provide more than one mobile phone you will still only be charged 1 premium credit.

Standard credits are used when you capture or preview Verified Work Emails, Work Phones, and Personal Emails. However, because of the way we've improved our database over the years, we often do not actually need to deduct a standard credit when a Verified Work Email is provided. So, fairly often this data is provided to you without subtracting a standard credit. 

If we don't find data, you won't be charged a credit.

If the direct dial is the same number as the one we found for the company's main line, you will NOT be charged.


How do I use my Premium credits?

In the extension, Premium credits are used here:



You can set the extension to automatically unlock Premium data every time you click the Capture or + button, here: 



In the lead sheet you can use them here: 



How do I see my team's credit usage? 

You can see you your team's credit usage here:


 Can I buy additional standard and premium credits for my account?

We can add additional monthly standard and premium credits to your plan. To add credits, contact your customer success manager or our sales team to discuss details and pricing. 

If you have any questions about credits, you can reach out to the LeadIQ Support Team by clicking Submit a Request at the top right of this page.





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